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  Vintage Balsamics

Trailmaster's choice, try the exquisite "BLACK GOLD" range




Fruit juice to saviour




Customer Comments
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Oliviva Olive Leaf Tea 5 out of 5:
"A great alternative to caffeine tea, nice taste and really strengthening, would recommend it to All."
May K., 24 January 2013
Oliviva Olive Leaf Tea 5 out of 5:
"fast, efficient service"
stephen m., 13 January 2013
Oliviva Olive Leaf Tea 5 out of 5:
"never had this before - very nice."
Cher-M, 9 January 2013
Oliviva Olive Leaf Tea 5 out of 5:
"as described, well packaged, good products"
Colin W., 5 January 2013
Oliviva Olive Leaf Tea 5 out of 5:
"Excellent. Thanks!"
Juliet S., 28 December 2012
I was using some olive oil given to me as a thank you. I used when making my bread, well I finished it and starting using the fresh harvest olive oil I buy from you. What a difference in my bread, it was just so much better and delicious Too!
Adrienne P Jan 2013
Olive leaf Extract Spray - Invaluable product for oesophgeal candida. My only caveat is that it was costly!
DWJ - October 2012
Hi, just wanted to say that you were right! The 'old'oil didn't taste good, wouldn't want to eat it on bread!! Your's is delicious.
We love the balsamic sprays, delicious sprayed onto all kinds of foods. Makes a simple starter look and tast amazing! The raspberry sprayed onto a baked salmon steak with rocket is incredible!
So pleased we found you! Christine M. March 2012
Jon Henley "The Guardian" interesting article how to tell if your olive oil is the real thing
January 2012
Hi Mike,
Daily Telegraph December2011:
"Four out of five bottles of Italian olive oil are being adulterated with lower quality oil from Greece, Spain, Tunisia and Morocco. Italian Customs and their Guardia di Finanza have been investigating with the encouragement of one of Italy’s biggest agricultural organizations. Thirteen producers/manufacturers are involved – “there are some very famous names”. So that confirms not only what you have been saying about the all too common practice of cutting fresh oil with old stuff, but the Italians, Europe’s second biggest producer after Spain, are actually importing 470,000 tonnes and exporting only 250,000 tonnes if the report is to be believed. Britain consumes about 28m litres of olive oil a year, double the amount of ten years ago."
This could well have the same effect on Italian olive oil sales that the Austrian antifreeze scandal had on its wine sales. Italian olive oil? Caveat emptor.
Hope this helps your business!
Brgds, Derek | December 2011

Dear Michael,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.
"Michael has made searching for the best products a life-mission - no-one is more dedicated to hunting down high quality oils and oil-related products across the world. In addition, he gives his personal attention to anyone who wants to learn how to appreciate these superb products at their best with knowledge and enthusiasm. I would recommend his products and his ability to sell them, including his skill at demonstrating the reasons why his particular fresh oils and quality vinegars are in every way superior."
Sue E. June 2011
Hi Mike,
We saw you on the dragans den and really thought you brought olive oil to life. I have no idea why more people don't have more passion for it. My girlfriend bought me a years membership for my birthday. (Realising how much I love olive oil!) But now we are moving to usa. I just wondered if you can deliver there? Or how we can get around this! We received 2 so far. H - 10/6/2011
Hi Mike “ Had a lovely salad last night draped with your balsamic vinegar - thanks.
Also ordered some Dragon books on Amazon today to be better prepared. Your input was greatfully appreciated.
On the Den in a few weeks time, all things permitting of course. Will let you know how things went when next passing by which is fairly frequent as our son is at Bath University.
All the best, Rory Mac “ May 22, 2011

“ ...your talk on "My Dragons Den Experience" was fascinating and your intimate knowledge of olive oil left us with a completely different perspective. Many have approached the commitee to say how much they enjoyed youe talk. “ Helen, Hilton & HB WI Feb 2011
“Michael has been in contact and we look forward to doing business when our next season of olive oil is ready! ” July 25, 2010 “ Antony Meola, Managing Director, Yergh Entertainment Group
was with another company when working with Michael at The Olive Trail

“Michael is a very reliable, knowledgable individual. Whenever I have ordered any products from his company they been delivered promptly.” July 20, 2010
Top qualities: Expert, On Time
Nicholas Taylor “ hired Michael as a Retailer of olive oil and other products. in 2007, and hired Michael more than once

“A mutual friend who is an expert on wines deliberately set up a meeting with Michael in one of Frome's nicest cafes - La Strada. It was fun, fascinating and highly educational -- opening my awareness to the delights of pure oils but also to trade issues that I simply wan't aware of. I'm a more careful shopper and a more caring cook as a result...” July 19, 2010

David Saunders, Consultant, Connolly + Callaghan Limited

“Michael is a passionate and enthusiastic specialist with seasonal fresh olive oil and fine balsamic vinegars. He has shown a great deal of commitment in delivering wonderful products and i am happy to recommend his services.” July 6, 2010 “ Andrew Eastwood, Commercial Manager, Pork Farms Ltd.

“Michael is passionate about Olive Oil and also incredibly knowledgeable about his subject. This comes through in his business dealings where he is focussed on business, but also having fun while working hard. We enjoy doing business with Michael.” July 3, 2010 “ Simon Glover, Partner, Flying Colours Ross was a consultant or contractor to Michael at The Olive Trail.

“ For OliveOil, it doesn't get any better than Michael!...a superlative businessman with a fantastic sense of humour who happens to be the best at what he does; an absolute MUST! ” July 3, 2010
Top qualities: Personable, Expert “ Annabel Lee, hired Michael as a Food in 2008, and hired Michael more than once

“ I first met Michael when we appeared together on Great Food Live, he waxing lyrical about the joys of 'fresh' olive oil and me trying to cook something half edible in just 7 minutes. Michael infectious enthusiasm for his subject is impossible to ignore and the deeper you dig the more layers of knowledge you uncover. Michael is to oilive oils and balsamic vinegars what Giles Coren is to food and Jane McQuity to wine.” June 29, 2010
Peter Bayless, Independent Chef and Food Writer, Peter Bayless.

“ Michael is an ebullient man, knowledgeable and engaging. He was responsive and keen to help out with information relating to his business and the tasting of olive oil while we were preparing a business guide based on the Dragons' Den series. ” June 29, 2010 “ Mike Ellis, Owner, Thameside Media

“ Michael is very passionate and knowledgable.
We created a new chocolate that is still being seen as a new concept 2 yrs later ! ” June 29, 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
Damian Allsop, hired Michael as a Worked on a special chocolate together in 2007, and hired Michael more than once

“ Michael has provided me with information on Greece and olive oil for the column I write for, part of the New York Times Company. I have always found him to be highly pleasant, responsive, and well-informed. ” June 28, 2010
“ deTraci Regula, About Greece Guide/Columnist, worked with Michael at The Olive Trail

“Michael is without doubt a world leader in this field. An authoritive expert who can communicate with passion on the subject. Working with you to provide an interesting and qualified tutorial which engages clients & colleagues alike.” June 28, 2010
Top qualities: Expert, Creative
Richard Valder, hired Michael as a Epicure in 2010, and hired Michael more than once

“ Mike provides exactly what he says he will provide and has a thorough and intelligent approach to a unique business - tracking down and selling fresh olive oils, along with other olive-based products and a wonderful balsamic vinegar. His personal determination and his honesty in dealing with clients joined to a shrewd sense for picking an excellent product ensure an interesting business experience plus an end product guaranteed to challenge any assumptions or preconceptions about olive oil. ” June 28, 2010
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert
Sue Edney, hired Michael as a speciality and gourmet olive oil trader in 2008

“ 'I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Michael, having worked with him on a food and wine matching dinner where his superb olive oils and balsamic vinegars were used.
His knowledge of his products and his ability to relay information in an informative and entertaining manner were of the highest standard' ” June 28, 2010
“ donald hodgart, Director, Inverarity Vaults
“ Michael is the connection to all things olive. He sent beautiful olive wood for use in my titanium rings. He strives to get exactly what the customer wants and is courteous and timely. He's a great guy to work with. ” June 28, 2010
Bruce Boone, President, Boone Titanium Rings
“ Provider of fresh seasonal olive oil ” June 28, 2010
Catherine Quinn, Freelance Journalist, Freelance Journalist, Editor, Author worked directly with Michael at The Olive Trail.
“ I have known Michael for over a year now and from the first second of walking into his shop in Bloomsbury I was fascinated. Who would have thought that an entire business could be built around the benefits/products of the olive tree, but he has. From wonderful Olive oils and teas - to pens, jewelery and kitchen accessories (made personally by him from the wood) his knowledge is extensive and professional. A real specialist in an under served and ancient market commodity. ” June 29, 2007
Scott B., Owner, Toothbone
“ The only problem with being a member of the Olive Oil Club is that olive oil purchased anywhere else tastes so wrong!
Dr Terence Moll - Investec April 2010
Not enough fresh harvests, have a word with Mother Nature, please!
Dyllis & Andrew - Glastonbury October 2009
No more praise, just how do you find this stuff - fruit juice - yeah
David - August 2009
Amazing oil - Nic
I would just like to say (I am member #69) that I was initially sceptical about your oil, especially at the price and annual commitment, but I am truly converted. I believe that your olive oil is the equivalent, for someone who appreciates a quality glass of wine, to the difference between a cheap Valpolicella and a great Brunello. Need I say more! Best wishes, John & Ally March 2009
Thank you for the new 2009 Mediterranean harvest delivery, I have not sampled yet but look forward to.
A neighbour keeps lovely organic pigs and I bought a gammon from them. I am not used to cooking gammon joints but thought that I would pour balsamic vinegar (12 year BLACK GOLD over it and bake it in the bottom of the aga. I added nothing further. It was absolutely delicious. It was succulent and really sweet - it far outstrips Nigella's choice of pepsi cola that I tried last Christmas. I didn't use much, just enough to drizzle over.
TF - March 2009
PS The olive oil soap is lovely too!
Just wanted to say "thank you very much". The magnifying glass is lovely, the wood beautiful - a perfect present. Best wishes, Lynn Dec 08
Many thanks for forwarding the cufflinks so promptly; I'm delighted with them - I'm sure James will be too!
Have a lovely Christmas, Best wishes, Dawn UK Dec 08
Wow! I am addicted to your Cider Vinegar Mustard - delicious!
VM - Bath - Nov 2008
Hi Mike, just wanted to acknowledge safe receipt of three bottles of olive oil
- just days after signing up - so, great service, superbly packed,
delicious product. Have had lots of fun trying out your suggestions
and look forward to the next batch. This is a fantastic, original
idea and one from which we are getting a great deal of pleasure so we
wish you every success, so the we may enjoy many more years'
enjoyment of fresh bottles from around the world.
Regards, John & Annette, Normandie, France. - October 2008
Hi, I just wanted to email you to say what a wonderful response I had to the gift I sent my Mum. She absolutely loves the letter opener and says that it is really beautiful. Thank you for sending it promptly and thank you for it being what it said it was - as you never really know for sure when you order from the internet.
Thanks, Isabel - 9th July 2008
Came along for a tasting session of your Black Gold vinegars, WOW - blown away, my fav was Raspberry, no Pomegranate, oh, and the Fig... Thank you so much, yummy - Brigid - July 08
Just wanted to say how fantastic your oregano, olive leaf throat spray is. Having three daughters under 7 there is always someone in the house with a cough or cold, and on 3 occasions since you introduced me to the spray I have felt the early symptoms of illness and within hours of taking a couple of shots felt right as rain, thanks, incidentally I have also introduced a colleague who has experienced similar relief.
Regards, Simon Oxford - Somerset ,April 2008
The new season Club olive oils have arrived and talk about bliss!! - The limited edition from Lake Garda wow!
keep up the good work - KM London March 08
Balsamic - Black Gold - so good I bought 11 bottles - thought they might run out, hmm, I was wrong - TM London Feb 2008
Just wanted to say that I received the oils and have tasted the Waterfall River oil and it's heaven. I couldn't even wait until dinner this evening - just whipped out a piece of bread and dipped it in the oil. Great choice!
Heidi - 23rd August 2007
Wellcome to Wells, Somerset - just love all your olive oils and balsamic to die for!! - Denise - Manor Foods - March 2007
Such a refreshing approach to a most "noble" product - well done Michael - Don, London, Feb07
Jan 2007 - Penguin - well that's one of the companies no small feat - Mr M, Lodon
An amazing experience, and such a good honest endeavour in this modern day of indiference......Well done!
Nic C, London, December 2006
Good Morning Michael,
Just a quick mail to thank you for your tasting demonstration and techniques - it has changed how we look at choosing oil and balsamic vinegar. Simple - we shall order from yourselves! Thank you for passing your experience on - it was most useful and will save us eating Tesco Extra Virgin Engine Oil!
Kind regards
Mark & Julian James - NEC Birmingham, Nov 2006
Thanks for the time spent telling us about your amazing products. I especially loved the new concept of really fresh olive oil - wow! - and you will deliver it as well.
We absolutely love your Olive Oils. It was again a pleasure to visit your beautiful shop, after my first visit in April 2006. I would like to congratulate you on the amazing Bio Gold & Belessi Olive Oil; I have not tried olive oil that comes close to the flavour and intensity. Your tasting of Olive Oil is as important as a wine tasting counter in a wine shop. Your in store tasting is a great idea it really shows the between the three Olive oils and then the contrast of tasting a major supermarket branded one. Well, where do I start regarding your Balsamic Vinegar’s 5 & 12 year olds’, unbelievable!!!! Nothing comes close!!
What can I say about the crafted Olive tree wood, the detail and finish is really breathtaking!!!!!
We have converted friends and family, so the next time I see you in September I will probably have a few orders for you. Please can you arrange for us to have a member privilege account? We look forward to hearing from you in the near future, well done again. We will see you at the beginning of September.
Best Wishes take care,
Tim & Joanna, UK, August 2006
Hi Sharran and Mik
Wonderful carving set but just as important personal and very helpful service. Have given Tony the info on the steak knives.
All the best
Lyn, Devon, UK, August 2006
Dear Michael and Sharran: The pen and stand arrived. You have outdone
yourselves. They are beautiful. Thank you. It is particularly beautiful to have the initials on both the pen and the stand and to have your initials Michael. Thank you very much. Our daughter graduates on the 11th. We can't get there for the ceremony but we will be going out to Minnesota on the 16th for a celebration. Your pieces are so beautiful that we are sure you will meet with great success.
Regards, Sara and Ted May 2006 USA
What a find! Thank you so much.
Alan, London, April 2006
Amazing place! And this coming from a Greek lady!
Cathy, Greece, April 2006
Thank you for making our day!
Jonathon & Alexi, UK, April 2006
Great olive wood, a mystical and spiritual feel which rflects the owners energy with the energy of the olive wood. Greetings from an old olive tree in Australia
Joanne, Australia, April 2006
You are the best!!
Sharon & Joe, USA, April 2006
Everthing is beautiful
Jacqueline, Marie & Glynn, USA, April 2006
The pen you made for Ted is a big success. It is truly beautiful. Thanks
so much. Best wishes for the New Year. Sara, Ossining, NY - 28th December 2005
Your items are unique, and beautiful. I was looking for something special and timeless for my wife, and you provided that. Thank you so much for your excellent customer service too. Ordering my purchase online from California (so far away from Greece) was a bit intimidating but your immediate follow-up to ensure that I had received the items and to ensure that the items met my expectations was reassuring. It was also the best customer service I have ever received online, or offline for that matter. I expect to be a return customer, and expect that my friends and family will become ones too. N. Robert Yasin California, USA. - 7th Oct 2005
Enjoyed seeing all of your wonderful crafts and I know I will enjoy using my spoons for many years to come, not to mention wearing my cross. Thank you, J.N., Alumni visit, USA - June 2005
Hi All
A fantastic olive wood bowl arrived safely today. Thanks you for a lovely bowl. Thanking you, 3/3/2005
Linda and Niall, Hartley House B&B, Dublin
Sue & I arrived back in England at about ten o'clock to rain, wind and 3 degrees freezing weather (Are you jealous Sharran?) I had to e-mail you both to thank you for the warmth and friendly welcome and the experience of watching my pen being created by Mike.
I have found it is very rare in these days to find a unique and personal service such as yours and I wish you every success in the future.
Hope to see you both again on our next visit to Poros.
Very Best Wishes
Bob Carpenter.
PS I Love the Pen - 17th Sept 2004
Dear Mike and Sharran,
Visiting your workshop, even with the electricity outage, was a special part of my trip to Greece. Thank you for the opportunity to see the artist at work. I am very proud of my olive wood pen. I keep it in my purse, show it to everyone, and allow no one to use it. Not only is it beautiful, but it feels so right in my hand.
Thank you,
Sandy - USA - 23/5/2004
A wonder to behold I never realized the exquisite beauty of olive wood and it writes like a dream. Nice thing is I can buy my refills at the local shop 'Cross style'. I also purchased a rollerball. Barry, Chairman SRS, Australia.
A Haiku poem written just for MIK

Once alive
And still The warmth of a thousand years
Olive tree wood is

Susan loved the pen - saw a tear in her eye!! Will now enter the competition, because I want one! Will send a copy of the photo
Cheers, Marcus and Charlotte Dixon Aug 2003
Thank you for a wonderful demonstration for your welcome to the island.. and mainland. Your kindness will not be forgotten. Lindsey Marien, Canada 17th May 2003