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Olive Leaf Questions And Answers
The Olive Trail  >  Olive Leaf Health Products  >  Olive Leaf Questions And Answers

Q. Is this Olive Leaf Extract made from fresh or dried foliage?
A. Unlike most extracts on the market, this Olive Leaf Extract is made directly from the fresh, 'alive' leaves, making the key ingredients easily bio-available (usable by the body). It is not made from dehydrated or freeze-dried product.

Q. Does Olive Leaf Extract need refrigeration after opening?
A. No. However, keeping the product away from direct sunlight in a cool place will protect its active ingredients from deterioration. A cool cupboard or refrigerator is a suitable place to do this.

Q. What is the shelf life of Olive Leaf Extract?
A. Due to the efficiency and care taken in our proprietary extraction method, the effective shelf life is two years.

Q. How should I take Olive Leaf Extract?
A. Most people take 5ml (one teaspoon) three times per day with food. If you find the extract's bittersweet flavour too strong, simply dilute it with fruit juice or wash it down with water. Due to their smaller size, children (over two years) can take 2.5ml (half teaspoon) two to three times per day with food or juice. It is not recommended to take the extract on an empty stomach as it may cause nausea, so take with or after meals. Each person has their own preferred method of taking their extract. If you are using the extract for certain mouth conditions, including sore throats, swill the extract in your mouth for about five seconds prior to swallowing.

Q. Is it possible to take too much extract?
A. Like any food product, too much of a good thing may be harmful. But from all indications (research, case studies and widespread use) olive leaf extract is a natural, non-toxic health supplement.

Q. How can I use Olive Leaf Extract topically?
A. Apply the pure extract onto the area. This direct application method may assist in the relief of some skin conditions. It is most effective topically when combined with internal use on a regular basis.

Q. When can I expect results from Olive Leaf Extract?
A. Each person is unique so there's a wide range of individual reactions to Olive Leaf Australia's Extract. Some people will experience relief from their particular health problems within 24 hours, while others will take longer to experience the benefits. Experience with consumers of Olive Leaf Extract indicate that the majority of people will notice a difference in their energy levels, general health or the healing of a specific illness within 30 days. Many people notice marked improvements in their health and energy over the 30 day period and choose to use the extract as a regular health supplement to boost their immune system long term.

Q. Can I take Olive Leaf Extract as a daily, ongoing part of my diet?
A. Yes. Many people use the extract at 15mls per day for months and years on end. Many people who are prone to ongoing difficulties like respiratory conditions, cold and flu or continual tiredness find great relief from their symptoms with a long-term program.

Q. Can my system become immune to the healing effects of Olive Leaf high strength Extract if I take it every day?
A. No. Being a natural product (just like fresh, healthy food) Olive Leaf Extract will continue to actively assist your body's immune system regardless of how often you take it.

Q. Are there any long-term negative effects from taking Olive Leaf Extract?
A. None that we are aware of or that have been highlighted in the research, case studies and widespread use of the extract that we have observed.

Q. Can Olive Leaf Extract be taken at the same time as other medications?
A. We have no knowledge of any cases where taking olive leaf extract with another medication has had negative side effects. However, please always check with your qualified health care professional.

Q. Can Olive Leaf Extract be safely given to infants and children?
A. Olive Leaf Extract has been effectively used to promote good health in infants as young as 12 months. The dosage should be proportioned down from the adult dosage to approximately 5 -10 ml daily (5ml for under 6yrs and 10ml for 6 -12 yrs. For your child's wellbeing our extract does not contain any artificial flavours, colourings, preservatives, alcohol, sugar, lactose, starch, yeast, gluten or animal products.

Q. Are there any known side effects to taking Olive Leaf Extract?
A. Some people occasionally experience what is known as the Herxheimers Reaction or "Die-Off" Effect. This is a detoxification reaction (rather than a side effect), which occurs due to the rapid effectiveness of the extract in the killing of large numbers of offending microbes in your body. This leads to the need for your body to get rid of the dead microbes (toxins) from your system, and if there is an overload, it may in turn lead to some of the following symptoms - fatigue, diarrhoea, headaches, muscle/joint aches or flu-like symptoms. The severity will vary from person to person depending on the nature of their illness, the volume of toxins in their system and the amount of extract being taken.

Drinking plenty of water between doses will assist your body to flush out the excess toxins and reduce any reaction. While these reactions may be mildly unpleasant initially, they are a sure sign that the extract is doing its work! To reduce the intensity of any reaction you may choose to stop taking the extract for 24-48 hours and then restart on a smaller dosage. There are no toxic chemicals used in the preparation of Olive Leaf Australia's Extract and all processing techniques and ingredients are passed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia.
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The Olive Trail  >  Olive Leaf Health Products  >  Olive Leaf Questions And Answers